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At the request of our Social Media readers a copy of a short piece on the Maturation of Distilled Spirits and How We Think We Assess Flavor!


BDAS, LLC's Manager and Microbiologist Matt Linske talks seriously on the dangerous S. diastaticus issue facing brewers.






A quick look at our major slides and laminates - as presented over the years. Like any of them?

A little flattened in this PDF format for the flip-book but shows the main details.

Request your favorite(s) as a standalone PDF (or PDF's) - great for displaying in the lab or brewery. Many have requested these over the years.

Clients only and limit to three per individual request.

Once loaded, the version below can be downloaded and/or printed as lower resolution but magnifiable pictures. It can be shown screen size as for other online magazines and portfolios. Enjoy and learn!