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BDAS, LLC Staff have looked at the new rules for the FDA Nutritional Mandate - The required data expected to be fully in place by July 17 2017. However, Restaurants are demanding the data by January 1, 2017. Samples cannot be put through on a rush basis so we urge all clients using either our services or others to act promptly on this issue. We can be contacted for details. Or go directly to the catalog through the word or picture links below.


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BDAS, LLC uses state-of-the art technology such as the featured Anton Paar and Rudolph Research Analytical Density Meters and NIR Alcolyzers.


Many prospective clients call to ask about our services. Since April 2016 our catalog has been available on line at our catalog page. Link here.


BDAS, LLC maintains an incredible library of publications covering all aspects of the Alcohol Beverage World. In fact we write many of the chapters and papers that appear in the literature.


One of our seminar headers appears on the screen illustrating our teaching aspects especially in Sensory Evaluation. New courses will be forthcoming, especially as we align our educational offerings with the State Accredited Eastern Kentucky University (EKU).