The latest 2017 catalog (V1.2 with new Microbiological Services covered) and
services request form - click on images for links. 

The SERVICES REQUEST FORM must be filled out and submitted before any testing can commence on your samples.

For Legal Forms - request  our Chain of Custody Form.

Our comprehensive packages provide you with more test results and at a lower overall cost than any other testing lab. Popular requests include complete beer profiles, beer bitterness, nutritional/labeling data (brewers and distillers) and carbohydrate and calorie contents (wineries), and certified (TTB approved) alcohol contents. We do, however, do a lot more!

"BDAS, LLC was one of the first laboratories in the US to hold all three TTB certifications: Beer, Wine and Spirits. 
We remain one of only a handful of labs triple-certified. The links below show all currently recognized certified labs."

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