Education is a big part of what we do. Be it consulting, teaching, presenting invited seminars at major brewing and distilling conferences or just posting neat items concerning chemistry, microbiology or processes. Join us here for links to educational resources and some neat tips and facts of interest. 

Eastern Kentucky University - EKU. BDAS, LLC is preparing the plans for a new laboratory in Richmond KY as we forge a deep alliance with EKU and their new Fermentation Sciences program. Watch for more details and come see us at our jointly sponsored booth at the Craft Brewers Conference in 2017. 


BDAS, LLC offers Sensory Evaluation Services and Sensory Evaluation Training - both on-site or at YOUR facility. Contact us today for details!


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Flavor descriptors and information pertaining to alcohol beverage flavors; origins, flavor notes and thresholds and control are covered in our training and on our ballots used to assess your beverages. Like what you see in the Acetaldehyde PDF? Want to know more about flavors and their assessment in your beverages? Contact Gary or Tony Aiken through our contacts here.


Click Picture for downloadable higher resolution viewable PDF. A collectible series of flavor notes.